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We’re a full-stack Metaverse studio. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine in the Metaverse.

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custom & scalable Metaverse solutions

Adaptive Labs is a 3D design studio with developers and architects specializing in web3 virtual real estate and digital assets creation. We can make your vision a virtual reality.  We are dedicated to the construction and aesthetic of the Metaverse across all platforms existing on the blockchain.  Our skilled team of architectects and designers specialize in white glove service from concept to deployment.

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web3 Arcitecture, virtual real estate, and digital assets

We’re a full-stack Metaverse studio. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine in the Metaverse.

3D Asset Design

3D Modeling and Development of Wearables, Gaming/ in-game assets, Vehicles, Buildings, everything metaverse.


3D Modeling and Development to create objects and spaces. Such as art galeries, storefronts, skateparks, or parkour courses.


Guide you through the whole process, from sketching ideas to development and launching your campaign.

Land Rental and Sales

Hundreds of options for land purchase, lease, or rent in the 4 largest decentralized worlds.


In-world game and experience creation featuring P2E (play to earn) & W2E (wear to earn) possibilities.

Tokenized Access

Ability to sell and redeem events/conference passes via NFTs.

Dynamic assets

Coming soon* Live, fluid, ever-changing avatars, wearables, and other assets.

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The Team

20+ Years of Metaverse experience

Steve Wand


Steve has a 15 year background in e-commerce, integrated systems and traditional finance.  He is a blockchain veteran class of 2012/13,  early digital asset collector and Metaverse land owner.  Steve is focusing on building out the Metaverse and keeping the decentralized ethos alive.

Jennifer Moyer


Jennifer has been working in Metaverse platforms since 2006. She has created digital wearables and architecture, facilitated live experiences and digital land management. Jennifer is also an educator and consultant dealing with Not Fungible Tokens. In addition to Metaverse building, she has over 20 years of experience in promotional marketing, sales and event planning.

Backed by a professional team of Architects, Designers, and Developers


We can make your vision a virtual reality.

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